One India One Platform- An Amazing Shopping Experience Thy Will Leave You Wanting For More.

Why be mainstream when you can be a maverick? Shop, buy and gift products as unique as you at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

It’s your father’s birthday? Relax Bitoodle has it sorted. Buy an exquisite unique Luckhnavi Kurta all the way from Lucknow itself! And that’s not all, you get the beautiful chickenkari kurta from the maker himself. Wait, there is more... The prices will be amazingly affordable.

Bitoodle, the pioneering e-commerce shopping portal is all set to vow you with the shopping experience you never had!

29 states, 7 union territories and one incredible country- India is a myriad of choice in itself. And what if someone told you, you could get iconic products shipped to you straight from their origin. No middlemen, no extra costs, only 100% genuine products direct from the makers! Only Bitoodle makes that possible.

What exactly is One India One Platform?

  1. One India One Platform isn’t just a program or scheme, instead it is a shopping experience that let’s you build memories with bespoke items. Shop, gift or get souvenirs- Bitoodle's One India One Platform makes it possible for you to get items straight from their origin, from makers themselves, therefore cutting costs with no middleman profits. Amazing? Isn’t it?

What Does One India One Platform Offer?

  1. Consider this: it’s your mother’s birthday and you are wondering about what to get her. A gift that is as lovely as her and she is a saree connoisseur. You put two and two together and settle for delicate Mysore silk sarees. But that would be just plain, so you pair it with a pair of Kolhapur sandals and Hyderabadi pearls.
  2. What next? You sure can’t go shopping to these places and you surf the internet endlessly. Some portals cost exorbitantly high, some don’t appear reliable, some have pretty bad reviews. This is where Bitoodle steps in like a knight in shiny armour. 100% genuine products with equally reliable quality and assured delivery. And no, they won’t make you pay twice or thrice the amount you would have paid when shopping physically. Their One India One Platform gets you your gift well within your budget. Shop like crazy. This is a shop fest brought to you only by Bitoodle!

Shopping ideas

  1. At Bitoodle, you can shop for souvenirs for your friends and family when you go visiting them at their place in some another town. Be it your spouse or your bff, buy unique gifts that put a smile o their pretty faces. And if it’s a wedding, you do need a lot of well thought gifts for your wedding guests. Multitude of ideas possible only at Bitoodle.
  2. Go shopping crazy, it’s a shop fest!